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In 2016 Xunzhao Cheng became the first Chinese male judoka to win an Olympic medal for the first time. Xunzhao Cheng defeated four European top favourites at the Rio Olympic Games. Chinese judo for women is big with nine Olympic titles. Dongmei Xian won two Olympic judo titles in 2004 and 2008. In Beijing in 2008 also Xiuli Yang and Wen Tong grabbed the Olympic title. Fuming Sun (1996) and Hua Yuan (2000) were also impressive judoka. Song Yu was the last World Champion for China in 2015. Wen Tong won seven heavyweight World titles. The IJF Grand Prix of Hohhot is the biggest annual IJF World Tour judo competition in China, until 2017 held in Qingdao.

Judo legends B S G

  • Wen Tong
  • 2011
  • Gao Fenglian
  • 128
  • Hua Yuan
  • 216
  • Fuming Sun
  • 214
  • Li Zhongyun
  • 304

Wen Tong - Super star

Xunzhao Cheng - Idol

Last 365 days of judo B S G

  • Song Yu
  • 001
  • SaiYinjirigala
  • 001
  • Xunzhao Cheng
  • 001
  • Zhenzhao Ma
  • 010
  • Xin Wang
  • 200

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Judo event Type Place Date
Grand Prix HohhotGPHohhot30 Jun 2017
East Asian Championships QujingEACQujing6 May 2017
Grand Prix QingdaoGPQingdao18 Nov 2016
Grand Prix QingdaoGPQingdao20 Nov 2015
Grand Prix QingdaoGPQingdao19 Nov 2014


Name Birthdate Age
Zhen-Wei Gu23 Nov 199324 years
Yun Feng Chen25 Nov 198829 years
Yong-Jie Yin27 Nov 199720 years
Man Gao28 Nov 198928 years
Zhijun Yu28 Nov 197047 years


First description Second description Third description Four description
Result City Date
1Hohhot2 Jul
3Warsaw22 Apr
1Antalya9 Apr
5Düsseldorf26 Feb
1Rio de Janeiro2016