Judo in Australia

In 1988 Suzanne Williams became Olympic Judo Champion for Australia and Julie Reardon won bronze. But since the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games judo became more popular with bronze for Mária Pékli. Since 2000 Pekli, Daniel Kelly and Cathérine Arlove represented Australia at multple Olympics. New talents such as Joshua and Nathan Katz, Jake Bensted and Katharina Haecker give Australian judo a good outlook for future success. In Oceania Australia dominates the judo medal tables.

Judo legends B S G

  • Suzanne Williams
  • 134
  • Gavin Kelly
  • 744
  • Daniel Kelly
  • 027
  • Cathérine Arlove
  • 117
  • Carly Dixon
  • 145

Suzanne Williams - Super star

Daniel Kelly - Idol

Last 365 days of judo B S G

  • Tinka Easton
  • 021
  • Eoin Coughlan
  • 111
  • Nathan Katz
  • 011
  • Aoife Coughlan
  • 101
  • Nicolas Berard
  • 101

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Judo event Type Place Date
Melbourne International OpenITMelbourne29 Oct 2017
Melbourne U21 Int. OpenITJunMelbourne28 Oct 2017
Melbourne U18 Int. OpenITCadMelbourne27 Oct 2017
Sydney International Open JuniorsITJunSydney18 Aug 2017
Sydney International OpenITSydney18 Aug 2017


Name Birthdate Age
Mark Tobin22 Nov 199522 years
Tom Pappas22 Nov 199027 years
Graeme Wilson23 Nov 194275 years
Jessica Malone27 Nov 198631 years
Brandon Bamin28 Nov 199225 years


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Result City Date
1Hohhot2 Jul
3Warsaw22 Apr
1Antalya9 Apr
5Düsseldorf26 Feb
1Rio de Janeiro2016