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IJF Publish new rules for this Olympic period

10 Dec 2016 10:05

The International Judo Federation has published the new regulations. They will apply for the next Olympic cycle. The goal is to promote the rules of judo and make them easier to understand, as well as to simplify them. The purpose of these rules is to give priority to the attack and to the realisation of IPPON. Read more


Analysis of the possible Rules changes by JudoCrazy.com

8 Dec 2016 19:40

Assuming the majority of the new rules changes are true, will it be better for judo? For the television audience? Anything that moves the matches along more quickly and encourages more throws and less tactical play will make for better TV viewing. And like it or not, being TV-friendly is important for the growth of the sport. Read more


New rule rumours: yuko disappears, men to four minutes

8 Dec 2016 15:30

At the Grand Slam in Tokyo the new rules were discussed in the IJF Executive Committee at 5 December. The official version will be unveiled by the end of December by the IJF. The unofficial rumours are widely spread today via French website All Judo. Read more

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