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20150829_Day6_action_Teddy Riner_3

Teddy Riner first man in judo to win 8 world titles

29 Aug 2015 15:30

Teddy Riner's star is rising each day, also out of our sport of judo. He is the first man on earth to win eight World titles in judo. Again he defeated all his opponent relatively easy and defeated Japanese Ryu Shichinohe in the final. Teddy Riner was equal to Japanese judo legend Ryoko Tani who won seven world title for women U48kg. Read more

Yong Su

Yu Song brings heavyweight gold back to China

29 Aug 2015 15:00

Yu Song has become the world champion for women +78kg. The World Ranking leader was able to defeat Megumi Tachimoto in the final. The Japanese was the only medallist who qualified for the final. She defeated Idalys Ortiz in the quarter final. It was Yu Song though who managed to deal with the expectations. Read more

20150510_BakuGS_Ryunusuke Haga

Japanese Ryunosuke Haga takes the world title U100kg

29 Aug 2015 14:30

Ryunosuke Haga of Japan steps into the footlight of his coach Keiji Suzuki who won the world title in 2005. The 24-year athlete is the fourth Japanese to take the world title U100kg after Kosei Inoue in 1999, 2001 and 2003, Suzuki in 2005 and Takamasa Anai in 2010. Haga defeated five opponents to get into the final. Read more

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