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Denisov vs Gviniashvili

Amazing surprising preliminaries at Day 5

28 Aug 2015 11:45

The fifth day of the World Championships is a disastrous battlefield for many experienced judoka. A thriller could not have been more sensational than today's judo in Astana. The fans cannot believe their eyes seeing the results. All former World Champions didn’t make it to the semi finals, except for the two French Gevrise Emane and Audrey Tcheumeo. Also the three World Ranking leaders Krisztian Toth, Kim Polling and Kayla Harrison, didn't make it to the semi finals. Toth and Polling are sent to the repechage, Olympic Champion Harrison was defeated by Yoon Hyun-Ji. 2014 World Champion Mayra Aguiar by Polish Daria Pogorzelec. Read more

Harrison vs Aguiar

Preview World Championships U78kg

27 Aug 2015 22:15

The category U78kg has evolved into one of the most attractive divisions among women. Since the 2012 Olympic Games the strength and image of women such as Kayla Harrison, Gemma Gibbons, Mayra Aguiar and Tcheumeo is a wealth for judo. Their only problem is, they’re not alone. Read more

Krisztian Toth

Preview World Championships U90kg

27 Aug 2015 22:00

One of the most attractive events at the World Championships in Astana will be the men’s U90kg. A category with huge promoters in judo, the popular guys in town. Icons that attract fans to the venue in Astana. First of Toth Krisztian of Hungary. The grew this year to the number one position in the world, while he is just a senior judoka. The 21-year old Hungarian is in the same pool with European Champion Kirill Denisov, Tiago Camilo and Guillaume Elmont, together good for 6 World Championships medals, Elmont and Camilo are World Champions from the past, both U81kg. Although the last three are in the other block, there’s only one place in the semi final. Read more

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