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Teddy Riner

Preview Final Block Day 6 Astana

29 Aug 2015 11:10

Teddy Riner is still on course for the his eighth gold medal, the all time record. The Frenchman defeated Juhan Mettis (EST), Iurii Krakovetskii (KGZ) and Andre Breitbarth (GER) to get into the semi final where Kim Sung-Min of Korea is the opponent. Riner leads by 6-0, so no fear for that record. The other final is between Ryu Shichinohe of Japan and Georgia Adam Okruashvili, 2-1. The same semi final as in 2014 where the Japanese overcame Okruashvili. Then Ryu Shichinohe lost to Riner, although that one was really close and the Japanese team is in an outstanding mood, almost as dominant as in 2010, do you remember? Read more

Teddy Riner

Preview World Championships O100kg

29 Aug 2015 00:50

Each fight even Teddy Riner comes closer to his first loss. Although we wouldn’t know anyone of his level, it’s still judo. In Riner’s pool for the World Championships in Astana, we don’t see too much danger for the tall Frenchman. On average the opponents are not too big, read small. In the other block Oleksandr Gordiienko of the Ukraine is a taller guy with capacities, but Levani Matiashvili has the same kind of level as well as Andre Breitbarth. Read more

Lukas Krpalek

Preview World Championships U100kg

29 Aug 2015 00:45

World Champion Lukas Krpalek is on the verge of a big assignment. Getting there isn’t a big thing, but staying at the top is much harder. Last year the tall Czech super star defeated Jose Armenteros of Cuba. On Saturday Krpalek is in a pool with 2013 World Champion Elkhan Mammadov, this is not his year, so this is the opportunity to save the year. Also Ivan Remarenco of the VAE. He can shine or lose in the first round. In the other block of pool B Adlan Bisultanov is perhaps less known, but highly skilled. This Russian men could be a good replacement of Tagir Khaybulaev for the Olympic Games. Tagir is not that far, Bisultanov showed a few times that he is technically capable to stand his man. Toma Nikiforov and could be a roadblock. Read more

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