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20160809_Riosite_Yarden Gerbi

Yarden Gerbi auctioned her Olympic backpatch for 52,100 dollars

29 Aug 2016 14:55

Yarden Gerbi, who won a bronze medal in the women’s 63-kg judo competition in Rio, said she will donate the proceeds to a Tel Aviv hospital. Israeli Olympic bronze medalist, judoka Yarden Gerbi, has auctioned off her name patch from the recent games in Rio for a whopping $52,100. The winning bid was placed by a so-far unidentified bidder on Sunday before the online auction closed on Monday. Read more

20150829_Day6_action_Teddy Riner_3

THROWBACK: Teddy Riner first man in judo to win 8 world titles

29 Aug 2016 11:30

Exactly one year ago Teddy Riner won his 8th World title, recently followed up by his second Olympic title. Making him the best judoka ever in the world. Teddy Riner's star is rising each day, also out of our sport of judo. He is the first man on earth to win eight World titles in judo. Again he defeated all his opponent relatively easy and defeated Japanese Ryu Shichinohe in the final. Teddy Riner was equal to Japanese judo legend Ryoko Tani who won seven world title for women U48kg. Read more

20160731_ECJUNIORSBERLIN_KM_Simeon Catharina (NED)-3

Dutch judoka strong at second day of European Cup Saarbrucken

28 Aug 2016 17:10

After four medal events Germany shines on top of the medal tally of the European Cup in Saarbrucken. The Netherlands was the winner of the second day with four gold medals, three for the men, one for Larissa Groenewold the 2015 European Junior Champion. She defeated Italian Melora Rosetta (ITA) in the final. Kubra Kara of Turkey won the gold for women +78. A small field of four women where Marine Erb (FRA) took bronze and Dutch Martine Demkes bronze. Read more

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