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20150705_MGL_Pacek Martin

Nordic Capital Judo Challenge in Stockholm

4 Aug 2015 11:50

This Saturday, Stockholm will breathe judo. The square at Medborgarplatsen will be transformed into a judo arena for the Nordic Capital Judo Challenge. A team competition will be held between Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki for both men and women. For the second consecutive year it'll be located at Scandinavia's Judo Capital. Read more

Mikhail Igolnikov

Russian junior men capture 4 gold in Berlin!

2 Aug 2015 19:30

Aren’t the Russian Juniors just amazing? At the European Cup for Juniors in Berlin, the men’s team won three consecutive titles: U90kg, U100kg and +100kg. Russia ended with four medals and finished first in the medal table of the tournament, the second best performance ever. Read more

20150718-Wroclaw_Jorre Verstraeten_BEL_Vladislav Lim

Strong Belgian team at last European Cup in Berlin

1 Aug 2015 19:05

On the first day of the European Cup for Juniors in Berlin, the Belgian team claimed three gold medals. In the past the women performed better, but now the men have the future. Today it was a mix of the three biggest talents: Casse, Verstraeten, and Myriam Blavier who won the women’s category U52kg. The Belgians lead the medal table with five medals, France and the Netherlands followed with two titles apiece. Read more

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FF ippon of the day Tsend-Ayush Tserennadmid

4 Jul 2015

2015 ECH Cadets Sofia bronze Deliu - Tchanturia

3 Jul 2015

2015 ECH Cadets Sofia final U73kg

4 Jul 2015

2015 ECH Cadets Sofia Bronze U63kg Jovana Obradovic

4 Jul 2015

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