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20141206_Tokyo_Takanori Nagase

Takanori Nagase first World Champion U81kg for Japan

27 Aug 2015 15:10

Takanori NAGASE is the new World Champion for men U81kg and the first Japanese to take the world title for Japan in this weight class. The Japanese defeated Loic Pietri in the final with a sankaku. After ninety seconds he got all chances to work on his juji gatame and made a transition to oseikomi and sankaku. Although it wasn’t that solid Pietri look devastated in that situation. Pietri won all colours but would have done everything to regain the second world title. Nagase will go Rio de Janeiro as world champion and keep the title for two years until Budapest will organise the worlds. Read more

20150626_Baku_Tina Trstenjak

Tina Trstenjak first World Champion for Slovenia

27 Aug 2015 14:15

Slovenian Tina Trstenjak is the world champion for the next two years. Trstenjak defeated Clarisse Agbegnenou of France in the final for women U63kg. It’s for the first time in history that Slovenia celebrates a world champion. The podium looks quite similar to last year with Tashiro Miku at bronze and Munkhzaya Tsedevsuren who won the bronze for Mongolia in a direct match against last year’s bronze medallist Yarden Gerbi of Israel. Read more

Gerbi vs Agbegnenou

Semi finals women U63kg with red backnumber at stake

27 Aug 2015 12:40

Just one surprise in the semi finals for women U63kg at the World Championships in Astana. Dutch Juul Franssen wasn’t expected to win her pool where Kathrin Unterwurzacher was kicked out after two matches by Croatian Marijana Miskovic. The lady from Split lost to Franssen who personally sent Alice Schlesinger back with empty hands. Then she bested Rizlein Zouak who had perhaps the biggest sensation by knocking out European Games winner Martyna Trajdos in her first match. Read more

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