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Ono, Baker and Tachimoto praise Japans efforts

30 Aug 2016 13:10

Japan’s Rio Olympic judo gold medalists believe their country has reclaimed its rightful place as the sport’s world No. 1, but warned the pressure to succeed at the 2020 Tokyo Games will be enormous. “Our results in Rio have increased expectations on judo toward the Tokyo Olympics,” men’s 73Ukg champion Shohei Ono, one of three Japanese judo gold medalists at the Rio Games.” Read more

E35Q7826 ALina Dumitru

Judo celebrations all over the world at 30 August

30 Aug 2016 09:40

Romanian Olympic Champion of 2008 Alina Dumitru celebrates 34 years today. She is the most successful Romanian judoka ever. She became 2008 Olympic Champion in Beijing U48kg and was finallist in 2012 at the London Olympic Games. She won eight European titles from 2004 and won three World Championships medals and competed at three Olympic Games and became coach. Read more

20140930_100KG KRPALEK(CZE)-9145_2014 World Chelyabinsk

THROWBACK: Krpalek takes the world presidential seat U100kg

30 Aug 2016 08:35

Exactly two years ago Lukas Krpalek won the world title in Chelyabinsk. He was already Czech judo hero, can you image what he is now? Read the throwback to 30 August 2014. Czech Republic has its crown. The World title for the first time in history, even including the Czechoslovakian history where Vladimir Kocman won two world medals. Lukas Krpalek already had those but wanted more and took what he collected in the junior division twice, but this one brings him even more world fame. Read more

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