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20160528_Masters Guadalajara_action2_Travis Stevens

Travis Stevens laughs himself to the gold in Guadalajara

29 May 2016 01:35

World Ranking #14 Travis Stevens had a great tournament in Guadalajara. Stevens was on fire and might even make it to a seeded position in Rio after he caught Joachim Bottieau in the final U81kg. Bottieau got three penalties rather quickly in the match and couldn’t bring up his usual technique which delivered him two gold medals at the Grand Prix in Düsseldorf last two years. Read more

20160528_Masters Guadalajara_action2_Kim Polling

Kim Polling grabs her third Masters title in Guadalajara

29 May 2016 01:05

Kim Polling prolonged the title of the World Masters in Guadalajara. Also last year she won the gold in Rabat. Also in 2013 she was superior in Tyumen, just like Sumiya Dorjsuren on Friday she won her third which makes her once more the undisputed favourite for the Olympic title. Kim Polling scored a yuko in her final against Bernadette Graf of Austria. Read more

20160528_Masters Guadalajara_action2_Soichi Hashimoto

Soichi Hashimoto surprises with golden groundwork

29 May 2016 00:45

Soichi Hashimoto showed a great transition on the ground when he defeated Ganbaatar Odbayar in the final by a rare armlock. Perfect ne-waza with a slow flying juji and pulled the right arm of Ganbaatar into an armlock. Read more

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